was created Summer 2009 after the shutdown of (2001-2009), a surgery photosharing website exclusively for FTMs.


Rather than simply replace Transster, a new founding vision was to create a site that would be a health care and surgery resource for the entire online trans community, from FTMs to MTFs to genderqueers, agender individuals, and everyone else who could benefit from exploring the real life experiences collected here.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible, and do not make any judgements on what consistutes a trans identification. In other words, you will never be told you are "not trans enough" to be here. We recognize, however, for historical reasons this site mostly contains content aimed at FTMs. If you are an MTF identified individual and have input on how better we can serve you as part of our community, please let us know using the contact info below.

As of Fall 2012, the original founders Kit and Ryan moved on from active management of the site. The site is now managed by Alex. Alex is a transgender man, and is committed to the founding principle of an inclusive resource for the entire community. Alex's experience is in back end web development and community management.


You can contact Alex using this contact form or by email with site feedback. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter .