Jerner & Palmer, P.C. offers pro bono and reduced fee services for gender marker changes to U.S. Passports | Jerner & Palmer, P.C.:

Following the election, many people have expressed concerns about potential policy changes that may negatively impact the LGBTQ community. As explained in our recent blog post, one of the changes the Trump administration could implement fairly quickly after taking office is the policy regarding ch…… more at Jerner & Palmer, P.C. offers pro bono and reduced fee services for gender marker changes to U.S. Passports | Jerner & Palmer, P.C.

More U.S. hospitals offering gender-affirming surgeries:

There are new choices for transgender Americans, as more hospitals are now offering gender-affirming surgeries…. more at More U.S. hospitals offering gender-affirming surgeries

Hormones for Cis People vs Trans and Intersex People: The Awful Double Standard:

Have you ever talked to a doctor about your hormones? The way you were treated probably depends on if you’re cisgender or not. This comic reveals the biases too many medical professionals have…. more at Hormones for Cis People vs Trans and Intersex People: The Awful Double Standard

Single-user public bathrooms will be all-gender in California:

Forget the men’s room and the women’s room – gender will no longer matter when using single-stall public bathrooms in California…. more at Single-user public bathrooms will be all-gender in California

Inside the Landmark, Long Overdue Study on Chest Binding | Broadly:

Chest binding is an everyday reality for many transgender and non-binary people, but healthcare professionals know little about the practice. The first ever medical study on the practice says that it’s time to change that…. more at Inside the Landmark, Long Overdue Study on Chest Binding | Broadly

With Insurers on Board, More Hospitals Offer Transgender Surgery:

Surgery is becoming more available for transgender people as a growing number of academic centers and hospitals offer the procedure and insurance companies provide coverage…. more at With Insurers on Board, More Hospitals Offer Transgender Surgery





Transgender patients face fear and stigma in the doctor's office:

Tanya Walker had lung cancer and was coughing up blood, but she says her emergency room doctor kept asking about her genitals…. more at Transgender patients face fear and stigma in the doctor’s office

Texas court says transgender man has no right to change gender on ID:


A Texas appeals court ruled last week that a transgender man is not entitled to change the gender marker on his driver’s license, upholding a lower court’s refusal to issue a gender change order. Judge Martha Hill Jamison wrote that while Texas law “appears to contemplate the possibility of orders relating to gender designation,” it doesn’t provide authorization or detail procedures for such orders to be issued.

She went on to say that even if the law provided for gender change orders, the petitioner had  “did not present any evidence in the trial supporting the proposition that [his] current gender designation is inaccurate.”

Apparently, being a post-operative transgender person who is consistently seen as a man is not enough evidence to suggest an “F” on his ID would be confusing and inappropriate.

“I’ve paid like $2,000 to still have a big fat ‘F’ on my driver’s license, despite being seen completely as a man as well as being post-operative,” said the petitioner, who asked the Texas Observer to withhold his name. “It’s honestly jarring and heartbreaking.”

And while the appeals court noted a lack of clear law around the issuance of gender change orders, some Texas judges do issue them. And the DMV lists them as a requirement for changing the gender on one’s driver’s license.

“I don’t see anything in it that I think is going to change the status quo, because the status quo in 95 percent of the state is, they don’t do it anyway,” Katie Sprinkle, a Dallas attorney who handles identification and gender marker cases, told the Observer. “Worst-case scenario, it goes up to the Texas Supreme Court, and they just put the kibosh on everything. There are at least several hundred thousand Texans that that could seriously adversely affect.”

The petitioner has said he does not plan to take his case to the state’s Supreme Court, but may instead simply try filing for the order in a different Texas county.




Someone asked us: 

Can Planned Parenthood provide hormones to transgender people? And if so, what are the costs?

Why yes, yes we do. There are an increasing number of Planned Parenthood health centers that offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for trans clients. (Cost will vary depending on your insurance and Planned Parenthood health center policies.) Currently, the Planned Parenthood health centers that offer hormone treatment for trans folks are: 





New Hampshire:

New York:

North Carolina:



- Calvin and Maureen at QueerTips



Even if you don’t have answers, please reblog–trying to get as much input as possible!

Some questions regarding balls (post-op and how they’re made) and also directed to any of y'all who’ve kept your front hole and bottom with it:

1.) Does anyone know just how that the labia majora are surgically descended? I’ve read a helluva lot of papers on metoidioplasty and phalloplasty and the few out there that specifically cover scrotoplasty, but none go into detail on just how this happens. Only thing I can come up with is the round ligaments being cut (see illustration) but that also kinda… doesn’t make sense to me/somehow feel like it’d be simpler than that.

2.) Any of y'all kept a bifid (split/with the two sacs not joined) scrotum AND your front hole? Can anyone speak to how easy (or not) penetration is pre-scrotoplasty vs. post-scrotoplasty without implants vs. with implants? Do they get in the way? My balls are pretty fleshy and thinking that if I just had ‘em lowered I might be satisfied, but if not, then maybe the smallest implants would still allow penetration.

3.) Anyone intentionally kept whatever labia minora they had left over after what was used to close the underside of their cock (or just kept them untouched, in the case of phallo)?

4.) Haven’t heard much re: sensation post-scrotoplasty–are your balls as sensitive? Has sensation changed (with or without implants)? How do things like sucking and squeezing feel?


It’s December 2015, I’m looking in a mirror and my hands are shaking. I splash some water on my face and question my own existence. The words, “I don’t want to be here anymore”, echo in my head. If only I could take away the pain. Take away the isolation. Take away the abuse. I look up, eyes swollen from crying, and abandon the plan to take my own life. This time isn’t the first time I’ve contemplated my worth. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, I often feel things at such an intense level. One of my daily struggles is valuing and loving my body. Every day, I’m bombarded with images that don’t represent me. There are times I get so excited about a new platform to highlight trans voices and faces…and then, I open up the web page or the magazine and my heart sinks. Not one Black chubby or fat queer boi….again. So, what does that say about me? Am I truly valued?

I share such a deep and intimate story because I believe in the power of vulnerability. Much of my interests in style has stemmed from the reality that I didn’t see myself anywhere. And when I say see myself, I mean in all of my forms. Black. Chubby. Queer. A person with disabilities. Lover. Educator, etc. etc. How am I supposed to believe in what’s possible, if I don’t know what’s possible? As a young child, my mother always described me as eclectic. I always wanted to wear the brightest colors and the shiniest jewelry. And as a poor Black boi, while those options weren’t always available to me, I learned quickly what creativity could provide when planning a fit.

It was almost like my outfits became armor to deflect from bullying and feeling so out-of-place as a young queer person. A lot of people talk about self-love and, while I believe much of this rhetoric depends on your abilities and access to certain spaces, I did learn how to appreciate myself through adornment. My style has always been about protection. And it’s also caused me to be more vulnerable to harassment from people, including the police. I love wearing all black. It’s sleek and just super fresh. But, try wearing all black and walk around in your neighborhood. Because I’m a Black masculine person of size, I’m seen as a threat or possibly someone who could overpower someone else. And let’s be real, masculinity is a huge factor and the ability to take up space in general is a privilege I hold. In addition, being Black and masculine means I’ve also been followed around stores by employees, stopped by the police for simply walking to the corner store, and asked “where I was headed?” by locals who suspect me of wrongdoing in major cities across the country.

Size and fashion always seem to be at odds. When I think of Black trans identified fat and chubby models, I wonder, where’s the visible diversity? Because I know of some fly people of size all along the gender spectrum. Desirability is a real thing and when you never include us in the fashion industry, you’re sending a clear message of what bodies are seen as desirable and valued. So, quick story. One day, I was online looking at clothes from ASOS. I immediately thought more than likely they wouldn’t have my size but to my relief they did! I click on the image to select a sale item I found in my size and when I look at the model, there is a slender man wearing a size medium shirt. I look twice…wait this isn’t right. So, I click 2XL again. And nope, the same image of the same man wearing a medium. Now, how am I supposed to gauge how this shirt will look on my body? There really aren’t any models you could select to wear your own brand in the sizes you offer? This is just one example how sizeism happens every day.

I don’t have all of the answers when it comes to showcasing body diversity in fashion. But, I do know, if you want people to feel valued, let them see themselves. If you have the power and have control over a platform, it’s on you to make those adjustments and include us. For the people out there reading this, I want fat and chubby trans people to know, you’re handsome, you’re beautiful, you matter. I know systemically, people haven’t made room for us but I see you. 

One of the reasons I love bklyn boihood is that we unapologetically make space for our community and we represent a wide range of bodies. We always are lifting each other up, complimenting each other, reminding each other that we are celestial. I hope to those you’ve read this, you’ve felt the love. For those who are curious about bklyn boihood, check us out on social media and connect with us. We would love to hear from you!

bklyn boihood vitals:

About the author: Dr. Van Bailey is a member of bklyn boihood, a collective dedicated to spreading love through community-building events, music and art while sharing our journey as bois of color who believe in safe spaces, accountable action and self-care. Additionally, he is an educator, international speaker and diversity consultant. Van’s speeches and workshops relate to LGBTQ+ student resilience, pedagogical practice, and intersectionality. In 2014, he was included in the Trans 100 and in 2015 he was also included in the 100 to Watch LBGTQ/SGL Emerging Leaders lists noting his work in higher education. Currently, he sits on the Board of Directors for the National Center for Transgender Equality and the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals. His published work has been featured on NPR, the Boston Globe, the Huffington Post, the Feminist Wire, and Buzzfeed. As a diversity specialist, Van has worked with constituents internationality in addressing LGBTQ inclusion on college campuses.

Photographer: Jenn Marquez

The World Health Organisation is considering dropping the claim that transgender people are mentally ill:

The World Health Organisation is considering removing transgender identity from its list of mental illnesses. Calls for the WHO to look at reclassifying transgender identity came following a study led by the National Institute of Psychiatry in Mexico, published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal, whic…… more at The World Health Organisation is considering dropping the claim that transgender people are mentally ill

Denied Coverage For Surgery, Transgender Man Sues His Insurance Provider:

A transgender man in Phoenix is suing his employer in federal court to pay for sex reassignment surgery. The costs of the procedures are substantial; insurance plans only recently began covering them…. more at Denied Coverage For Surgery, Transgender Man Sues His Insurance Provider

U.S. judge to weigh halt to North Carolina transgender bathroom law:

SALEM, N.C. (Reuters) - A U.S. judge will hear arguments on Monday to stop North Carolina from enforcing a state law barring transgender people from using bathrooms in government buildings and public schools that correspond with their gender identity…. more at U.S. judge to weigh halt to North Carolina transgender bathroom law