We released a bunch of changes, but we hope you don’t notice some of them!

A lot of the changes are “invisible” ones to keep the site up to date. We upgraded from an older version of Ruby (the programming language most of the site is written in) to a newer version. This was to keep up with security updates with our cloud provider. We also added support for running our development environment using docker, which should make it much easier for volunteers to set up and contribute. Thanks volunteer C for this addition!

We also made a few changes we hope you do notice:

- The “Filter” control is “fixed.” When you add filters, they will persist when navigating back and forth between individual results and the results page. When the site was first designed we saw the Filter as something to run on a single page of results you’d already gotten to from searching. But that’s not how users used it. (Duh! Sorry!) It was a very frustrating experience for users to not have the control persist as they navigated. Now hopefully it works the way you expect!

- Procedure names and Surgeon names have enforced uniqueness controls. We have often seen Procedures get duplicated because users used different cases to describe them. That won’t be possible anymore. Likewise, Surgeons must have a unique first and last name combination to be added. This doesn’t prevent duplication due to misspelling but is a start.

- The comment notification mailer was pointing to the unsecured (http) version of the site. We changed it to secure (https). We also now distinguish between comments and questions so posters know what type of reply they got.

- Captions on images are now allowed to be much longer, which should reduce time out errors. This was thanks to a volunteer contributor, thanks A!

2021-04-04 12:03:49 -0400

We were featured on as one of the Top 5 support sites for transgender people! Whoa!

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility to all. Please feel free to Tweet us things you’d like boosted today.

2021-03-31 20:16:55 -0400

We’re trying out some translations for user flows (registration, log in, password reset, confirmation, etc.) and most of our menu items.

There’s still a lot more to go! But we hope non-English users have an easier time navigating the parts of the site that really require reading text. Based on our analytics, we want to at least add Ru and Pl as well.

A lot of the translations are machine generated and we know how awkward that can be. If you’re a native speaker and can help improve our translations, please reach out on our tracking issue here!

We also have a “just for fun” poll on Twitter today.

2021-02-27 00:53:07 -0500