We’re trying out some translations for user flows (registration, log in, password reset, confirmation, etc.) and most of our menu items.

There’s still a lot more to go! But we hope non-English users have an easier time navigating the parts of the site that really require reading text. Based on our analytics, we want to at least add Ru and Pl as well.

A lot of the translations are machine generated and we know how awkward that can be. If you’re a native speaker and can help improve our translations, please reach out on our tracking issue here!

We also have a “just for fun” poll on Twitter today.

2021-02-27 00:53:07 -0500

Site changes 02/21/21

Whew! Some BIG changes today.

  • Search engine: we’re changing our search engine from ThinkingSphinx to Elasticsearch. Hopefully the only difference you will notice is the search results are fresher! We’re going to run this for a few days until we’re sure it’s safe then make the switch permanent. Then we’ll be able to improve search!
  • Surgeons index: this is just the simplest possible listing we can give, equivalent to the current Procedures index. We’d like to add more data about the Surgeons including their locations. Are you interested in helping us improve our data? Get in touch!
  • Register page explanations: Our registration page was not very easy to understand. We’ve added explanations by each of the fields to help you understand how your data will be visible to others and how it is used on the site. We still want to do more to make this page accessible and internationalized with translations of our most common non-English languages. If you are willing to translate German, Chinese (any variants), Italian, French or Spanish please get in touch!

Reminder: make sure to vote in our latest Twitter poll.

Should we allow surgeons to post sponsored labeled content?

2021-02-21 19:55:48 -0500

Twitter poll: should we let surgeons post sponsored labeled content?

Occasionally we have seen surgeons post content on behalf of patients or their own practice. This was not the original intent of the site, but patients often do sign releases allowing surgeons to use photos of their results. We’re considering adding functionality to give surgeons an accepted way to do this.

Please vote in this Twitter poll on whether you’d be comfortable with surgeons posting such content if it was labeled as sponsored. We would not be specifically promoting their results in search, and their content would still be subject to community moderation.

2021-02-21 00:27:25 -0500