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A phalloplasty is the creation of a new penis using skin and tissue from other parts of our body. Common sites used are the forearm, thigh, back, and abdomen. Any hair or tattoos on the skin will be on the new penis, unless we remove the hair or tattoos in advance. Size of the new penis is dependent on our individual preference, the size available from our donor site, and surgeon comfort. There are significant factors to this surgery that we must consider. The penis created from a phalloplasty does not have the ability to get erect from sexual arousal-- it remains the same size and firmness in all situations, unless an erectile device is used. Using a thigh donor site generally results in a penis with a wider girth. Depending on the fat we carry on our thighs, we may end up with a penis that is too big for our liking, or that is heavy and too large for our body, clothing, or sexual partners.