t anchor double incision

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This is a procedure to remove breast tissue and fat that results in two scars under the line of our pectoral muscles. This procedure is better for bodies with more extra skin or larger chest sizes. Nipples must be re-placed (grafted) onto the body. The nipples are either entirely cut from the body and re-attached (free graft), or may be repositioned with nerves and blood supply intact (pedicle graft). With a pedicle graft, preservation of nipple sensation is more likely, but not guaranteed. Sometimes the pedicle graft is marketed at “buttonhole” or “t-anchor” procedure. Most surgeons are able to perform a version of the pedicle graft, but will have differences in the amount of flatness they can achieve depending on our chest size before surgery. Some of us do not get nipple grafts at all, sometimes because of insurance coverage (falsely deemed by some insurances as “cosmetic”), or because we want nippleless chests or plan to get nipples tattooed on later.